DreamWorks Studios Does Kodachrome…

These days I have been enjoying getting back into the groove at home, getting up on the hill skiing for clients, etc. I have also been busy editing Kodachrome images for my book, now most likely it’s original title, “The Kodachrome Project”.  It has also been fun getting some some “Last Day” photos from Dwayne’s Photo Customer Service Rep, Pam Garretson Queen who recently stated that the lab is surprised and delighted by the uptick in the volume of film they have received since the conclusion of Kodachrome Processing on January 18th of this year.

So speaking of which, as I had predicted, the prolific story of Kodachrome would exceed the film’s actual lifespan as stories and photographs emerge over time.  One of the more well thought out editorial pieces by New York Times writer, Arthur Sulzberger has recently been selected to be the basis of a screen play written by Jonathan Tropper for a yet untitled and unscheduled film by Shawn Levy in connection with DreamWorks Pictures.

The film will aim to embrace the well known pilgrimage of people who made their way to Dwayne’s Photo on the last day the lab was open to get their precious Kodachrome memories in on time to be developed. In these early reports, it would seem writers are setting the primary hook of the story by creating a character set of a Father and Son duo and and the narrative of their adventures while on the road to Parsons Kansas.

So you can’t really shoot the film anymore, but you can always enjoy the past, present and future stories that will emerge over time as people get creative in telling about the era that is Kodachrome…

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