Kodak-alaris, not an Alarmist…

Kodak? Alaris? No, Kodak-alaris! That is who has finally emerged from the restructuring of Kodak’s crazy financial demise. And they care about film according to this interview at “Filmsnotdead.com“. No, they won’t be bringing back Kodachrome or even E6, that would be silly, it is not financially responsible…the Kodak “Alarmists” want that but the realist […]

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“Hip” deep in Kodak Ektar, State of the Art meets my State of Mind…

Like pinning over a lost love in my teens, I have waves of missing Kodachrome something fierce lately, I keep seeing light that it was practically made for, but at least a little bit of the sting is sweetened by Kodak’s fabulous Ektar 100 Color Negative film. It takes time to get to know any […]

Ilfochrome Discontinued?

I have been looking forward to getting the funds together to print a show of Ilfochrome prints from my Kodachrome slides. Given that Kodachrome is gone and several other color slide films have left the shelves, I have kind of wondered what might happen to what must be already a VERY niche product and service […]

Cool upgrades equal cooler film…

So I have started shooting some of my stash of Kodak Infrared, the stuff likes to be frozen until I use it. So we upgraded the fridge and added one 100 watt solar panel via that nifty slide out rack a couple months ago. But now we are getting into Fall and eventually Winter so […]

i, photographer….

So as we move right along with Kodachrome, I thought it would be fun to do a show locally with my existing collection of iPhone pics that were shot for this blog. My friend Ross Kribbs started a nice gallery in down town Aspen this year called “Nugget Gallery” in which he almost always showcases […]

1,285 rolls and new solar in the camper…

So Sarah and I are in the midst of editing the 1,285 rolls of Kodachrome shot between August of 2006 and the final day of Kodachrome processing on January 18th of this year. While we do that, we have been taking breaks to get out in the camper to shoot other projects, get our cat […]

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DreamWorks Studios Does Kodachrome…

These days I have been enjoying getting back into the groove at home, getting up on the hill skiing for clients, etc. I have also been busy editing Kodachrome images for my book, now most likely it’s original title, “The Kodachrome Project”.  It has also been fun getting some some “Last Day” photos from Dwayne’s […]

Vintage Kodachrome…

About a month and a half ago, Kodachrome processing and the era of the film’s legendary 75+ year history came to a close. Now the images and films remain, some old, some very recent. Over the years since starting the project in 2004, I have been on the lookout for Kodachrome memorabilia consisting of older […]

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Kodachrome Below Zero…The Last Rolls!

My last 128 rolls of Kodachrome showed up at the door at 5 below zero. I had to put the entire box in a garbage bag to avoid condensation…and it worked. I saw lots of really nice frames but two stuck out that I had to scan, one shot of a windmill amid the night […]

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What is a “Kodachrome” to become…?

So I am still waiting on my last 100 rolls that were shot after the 30th. Once I get those sometime next week, I will have about 30,000 Kodachrome slides shot since the Old Man in Pie Town in late 06′ to edit. Tonight, I took a quick glance through a box of slides sticking […]

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