Kodachrome on the Today Show…

The Today Show’s Bob Dotson takes the home town approach to telling the story of the last Kodachrome lab in the world, Dwayne’s Photo. I’m glad they mentioned the end date for processing, hopefully that will get folks to dig out their rolls and make them something the lasts. The story aired this morning and […]

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The Last Roll….

As 2010 closes in, one has to wonder what Kodachrome stories will unfold as photographers set their sights on what to do with what film is left. One photographer who is a life long user of Kodachrome film started a book project in 2006 as he got his strength back from undergoing chemotherapy from a […]

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Flattery in Motion…

Or at least it was in motion once by the looks of this old Datsun Pickup, circa 1978. While out roaming the streets of Seattle Washington, a former co-worker of my days at the Aspen Times, photographer Paul “Pablo” Conrad, found this utility assigned pickup adorned with colorful art and images and snapped a photo of […]

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