Kodachrome Film, 4/15/1935 to 12/30/2010…

So that’s it for shooting Kodachrome, the fat lady belted out a good one today, lots of high notes, a few lows. I will remain in Kansas until the last roll goes through the machine, which judging by the volume, could be as late as this time next week. I will have more blog posts […]

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The Last Day of Kodachrome

The wind is howling in velocity and in the changes in photographic history that are about to take place. It is 230 AM in Parsons Kansas, the new film developing shift arrives at 6 AM where they will be greeted with more work and my camper parked at the lab that I have been living […]

The Final Week…

The final week to use Kodachrome film is upon us, right in the heart of the holiday season. Grant Steinle and crew are working from 6 AM until 9PM to get all the film done that comes in on a given day, some 1,000+ rolls of still and movie film. I finished up in New […]

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Diving into the End Zone…

Whew…just over 14 days left to shoot a film that is now 75 years and 8 months old. Just sent another 150 + rolls off to the lab, will hand deliver the rest. After some 5 days and nights in New Orleans, I now have 172 rolls left. At this point, it is all fun, […]

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