“Hip” deep in Kodak Ektar, State of the Art meets my State of Mind…

Like pinning over a lost love in my teens, I have waves of missing Kodachrome something fierce lately, I keep seeing light that it was practically made for, but at least a little bit of the sting is sweetened by Kodak’s fabulous Ektar 100 Color Negative film. It takes time to get to know any […]

i, photographer….

So as we move right along with Kodachrome, I thought it would be fun to do a show locally with my existing collection of iPhone pics that were shot for this blog. My friend Ross Kribbs started a nice gallery in down town Aspen this year called “Nugget Gallery” in which he almost always showcases […]

The Last Day of Kodachrome

The wind is howling in velocity and in the changes in photographic history that are about to take place. It is 230 AM in Parsons Kansas, the new film developing shift arrives at 6 AM where they will be greeted with more work and my camper parked at the lab that I have been living […]

Awesome Acadia…

Up in Acadia now, raw, solitary, weather, cold. Bar Harbor is a good base, kind of touristy but still Maine.  Tide pools, shells of crabs mauled by gulls, wild turkeys foraging while staying ranks…..Acadia….

Burning Man burned

It took years to build my bike, my preferred mode of transportation, it took a week to prep my rig for the dusty ramparts of Black Rock City, it took hours to decorate my cameras to engage and inspire at Burning Man. It took three days for my bike to be stolen at the event […]

Kodachrome Calendar for 2010…

So these nice calendars are just about ready to ship. These are a one shot deal, no 2011 or beyond, they end when Kodachrome processing ends. They are 13 month, 8.5 x 11, full color with some info on the intro page, spiral or “Wire-O” bound. They will run you $15 plus $4 for shipping […]


I got one whole hour of nice light last night, then back to rain, so it goes, Badlands to Wetlands to Mudlands. The locals claim this weather is not what this time of year normally sees, I guess that humors me a bit. The forecast for tomorrow is mostly Sunny, might set the alarm for […]

Fast Lane / Slow Lane…

How much faster do we need to go? How much precious life energy do we need to squander in getting somewhere on time or sooner? When I started out traveling around the U.S. by car to do exploration of the Kodachrome Project, I quickly found my self getting caught up in the rush-rush of the […]